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To ensure that the app is still available to both Android and Apple phones, Ad Block has provided a web page where you can access and download their ad blocking app, on Google Play, on i Tunes, and a direct texted link: https://disconnect.me/mobile/disconnect-mobile In our digital world the ubiquitous ad is paramount for most of these digital online giants – its how they make their that have still wield a fair amount of power: that leaves one challenge – if only we would choose to use it, and make a difference in our collective daily online experience.

In the meantime I’ll be the one in the back…the Social media. My disdain for these mediums through which we (yes, me included) profess our hyper-best sides, where we provide proof that our side is indeed the greener side, adds another grain of distaste for the whole so-called technological evolution of society and the manner in which it is supposed to help us all become interconnected. We find ourselves obsessing over obtaining as many for every little post we make that it becomes a devaluation of the very idea, or opinion, or moment, or image, that you wanted to share with your friends and family, or the public at large.

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), where you shop online, what you shop online, what sites you visit, what terms you search for…every damn little detail about you is now up for sale. This post, this rant, is primarily aimed at securing one’s online privacy.

To simply stop participating in all but the absolute minimum. It will appear on both Facebook and Google , and even on Twitter.I’ll take that any day over a fucking Facebook post.agree to in order to use or install a piece of software on your phone or computer, can be astounding and even downright scary.cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=YDFQ2QW5Z6RQY Donation Link for Bennett Freeze House Fund https:// They also will now provide the fastest service to the highest bidder. Everything you do on your phone, your computer, your tablet…all of it, monitored by someone, collected and catalogued and then sold to marketing entities, or provided to the snooping government agencies that have “nothing better to do” than to pour through your private texts, posts, shared images (you that like to send them “dick-pics” be warned! If they don’t pay for the privilege your streaming content will be crap. In other words, they will be limited to such a point that you will not be able to view your favorite videos, listen to your streaming music (Pandora, Spotify, i Tunes); how about trying to upload your latest cool and funny family video to Flickr, only to find out nobody can view the damn thing!

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I will likely continue to post to this blog, about whatever I wish.

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