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Okay, Anderson didn’t say the word “bulky” in this recent interview, but it’s basically implied (plus, she’s said many times, including on this website, that “bulkiness” is a major exercise risk for the fairer sex: “98% of women will bulk completely.” Okay.). Personally, I see female Olympic weightlifters and Cross Fit athletes and think, .First, can we do away with the idea that bulky is bad? But moreover, it’s actually pretty freaking hard to build visually noticeable muscle mass when you’re a woman — you pretty much have to have the right genetics and frame, a seriously intense workout regimen, and a focused diet, sleep, and hydration schedule to do it.Damage sounds bad, but when it comes to your muscles, it’s actually a great thing.Moving a weight results in structural damage (tiny tears, basically) to your muscles, and when that damage is repaired, your muscles end up stronger than before.

Lifting heavy weights makes you stronger — not bulkier.

An hour after she was due to have arrived at Steps, the Fame-style dance studio in New York, her representative is apologetically explaining what has held her up.

But then Anderson’s famous clients are her fortune: it is Madonna’s rock-hard abs and Gwyneth Paltrow’s long, lissom legs that have made her the personal trainer of the moment, and look set to turn the Tracy Anderson Method, her fitness technique, into a worldwide phenomenon.

Anderson seems to suggest that, like learning a language, you should focus on one form of fitness.

But I’m personally a big fan of variety — yes, it’s the cornerstone of Cross Fit, but I’m not even necessarily talking about that (see above re: how I mix up lifting, yoga, Pilates, and elliptical time).

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Anderson says that less is more, and large muscles are a roadblock.

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