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Creating moments of excitement, discovery and wonder is at the heart of every project or creation that Steve Wynn has ever built.

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore are home to several experiences that promise to delight and entertain everyone that encounters them.

And with 20/20 hindsight the benefit there, have you thought of new measures that you're going to take to try to prevent another one of these massacres from happening using one of the Wynn Resorts as a perch to fire down on thousands of people on the street below?

WYNN: Well, if I can clear the record, we have been guarding the doors for two years every single day, 24 hours a day. We profile or inspect or examine everybody that enters the building.

WALLACE: So, if he had suitcases carrying these automatic – or semi-automatic weapons, would you have been able to spot that if they were in the suitcases being carried up to his room?

WYNN: We certainly wouldn't invade the privacy of a guest in a room.

WALLACE: I understand that Stephen Paddock had gambled and stayed at your properties along with a lot of other places along the Strip.

Create the perfect evening with a dinner and show pairing that combines specially-created menu with a ticket to experience one of the legendary performers appearing in the intimate Encore Theater or the award-winning aquatic spectacular Le Rêve – The Dream.Visit Album Page | Read Lyrics The new Dream Syndicate album, "How Did I Find Myself Here," is here and we couldn't be more excited. You can order the CD or LP or download from our Pledge Music page.Get ready for all kinds of activity--touring, videos, singles, photos and stories from the road. Or you can go to your favorite record store, whether it's down the street or bookmarked on your desktop.Looking back, after talking to all of them, how much of a profile did you have on him? So you know, we're talking about 11 years with his girlfriend or at least in recent years, frequent visitor, once or twice a month to this hotel and others.And was there anything in that profile that should have raised a red flag? The most vanilla profile one could possibly imagine.

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