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One person I consulted said: “They should act like a married couple around the office—no outward displays of affection.” Perhaps a lame joke, but wise.

Finally, couples should keep their romance offline.

No matter how discreet and sensible the pair might be, too close a working relationship will invite problems. Even if the lovebirds don’t share a department, discretion is key.

Though they were prudent at work, outside the office they still had to worry about being spotted by an office whistle-blower. Everyone spends more time than ever before in the workplace and, with most first marriages taking place in people’s mid- to late 20s, falling in love at the office would seem inevitable, rather than a corporate misdemeanor.

To the best of my knowledge, we at Virgin have never had any problems with office relationships—and we do not prohibit them.

If a couple find themselves in this situation, their managers should make other arrangements, adjusting the reporting structure so that this is not an issue.

Next, the parties involved should make it a long-distance relationship.

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