Who is deelishis dating now

GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS A video posted by IAMSODEELISHIS (@iamsodeelishis) on While she doesn’t confirm their relationship, she does say they will be “friends for life” so people should just get used to it.

News of their potential relationship comes a few months after the Detroit native was rumored to have dated Stevie J.

According to reports, the picture came from Sade’s personal Instagram account, proving that his family must like the former winner where most of Stevie’s kids were not afraid to say they didn’t care for Joseline Hernandez.

So far, neither Stevie J or Deelishis has come right out and said they are together.

Rick Ross has been able to lock down some amazing women over the years.

From fashion designer Shateria Moragne-El to model Lira Galore, the Bawse knows how to keep a lady on lock.

There are pictures of Stevie J and Deelishis together, and they definitely look like more than friends.

In one photo, the new couple can be seen walking hand in hand.

Former ‘Flavor of Love’ reality star Deelishis (born Chandra London Davis) estranged husband has been sentenced to serious time.In another, Stevie and Deelishis are looking at each other, and the look in her eyes speaks volumes about how she feels.To make things even more complicated, a picture of Deelishis and Stevie J’s daughter, Sade, has surfaced.According to reports, Orlando Gordon was convicted for being a drug kingpin will serve nearly 16 years in federal prison.During the investigation, Gordon was busted with over 0,000 cash, marijuana and firearms.

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