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Hi the good news is that the seals should be replaceable with the rack still fitted, would be a tight sqeeze and lead to cut up hands to do though.

My c5 is the 140 2.0 diesel, to change the rack it is possible without dropping the subframe if you have a stud extractor to get the steering rack studs out.

The correct rack ended up being 250 if i remember correctly which was still 750 lass than a new one from citroen. I found a local garage that quoted 300 all in, to change the rack for a reconditioned one with 12 months guarantee.

At 100 more than I could get a rack for (and including tracking) it wasn't worth a day crawling about on the floor in the rain !

The supplier said the new rack would have to be fitted with the wheels 'turned fully right' does this make sense ?I have just found the procedure for it and it adds a lot of possibly unnecessary work.Depending on the engine, the exhaust may need removing, it needs disconnecting from the front extension part of the subframe 65 Nm, from the steering pipes, possibly a couple of electrical connectors near the left steering rack gaiter, from the suspension hub swivels 75 Nm, possibly the front anti roll bar bearings 45 Nm, removing bolts at the sides 140 Nm and the rear 140 Nm (but yoke parts to body are 100 Nm) and then it may be heavy to lower down.Check the condition of the input shaft before deciding what to do as if its corroded badly the new seals may not seal against it.I left all the steering and suspension parts hooked up to the subframe.

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