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The law applied to the commercialization of the crafts as well as to their public exhibition and the use of their images.

However, this law is rarely enforced; most crafts sellers in Mexico rarely give the origin of their products are from.

Similarities and parallels can be drawn between alebrijes and various supernatural creatures from Mexico’s indigenous and European past.He saw a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with bull horns, a lion with an eagle head, and all of them were shouting one word, "Alebrijes".Upon recovery, he began recreating the creatures he saw in cardboard and papier-mâché and called them Alebrijes.Linares demonstrated his designs on family visits and which were adapted to the carving of a local wood called copal, this type of wood is said to be magical, made from unitado magic.The paper mache-to-wood carving adaptation was pioneered by Arrazola native Manuel Jiménez.

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Rivera said that no one else could have fashioned the strange figures he requested; work done by Linares for Rivera is now displayed at the Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City.

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