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But through it all, from 1935 right into the 2000's, the basic mechanism remained the same.A 1935 blade injector works just fine in a 2003 Injector Razor, and vice versa.Will we soon see and end to this venerable little shaving machine?Over the years the Schick Injector Razor has been made by at least four different parent companies.But on blade cartridges made since about 1953, they relate to both plants and dates.

The Table below is a guide based on my own research and collection, and the "Types" are not company designations but ones I have made to classify different products that often went by the same trade name. Packaging: B1: narrow white box and leather sheath. Package: a black bakelite box (like D),or gold and red cardboard box. E3: bar guard gets parallel grooving E4: Side flaps removed from spring E5: Rarely seen with black handle.

Eversharp seemed to want to rename the Schick Injector Razor, perhaps because of confusion with the by then successful Schick Dry Shaver.

Over the next few years, the name in advertising and on packaging changed to reflect their ownership.

The original Schick Repeating Razors were made for the Magazine Repeating Razor Company by the American Chain and Cable Company in 1926. Schick decided to follow the dry shave road in 1928, he sold his interest in the Magazine Repeating Razor Company to American Chain and Cable, who continued to make and develop the razor until 1945. Schick and his major shaving inventions on our Col. Although the razor we now know as the Schick Injector Razor was not produced until 1935, well after Col.

Schick sold the company, one of the key patents was taken out by him in 1931, that being for the separate injector magazine with plug in key. bought out the rights to the razor, although the Magazine Repeating Razor Company continued to manufacture the razor until about 1950.

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