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For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting System Fundamentals Testing. To review test details, review the test log from Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK) Studio.Please note: the streaming product must already be on version 3.00 before updating.The images in this walkthrough may use an older version of firmware/bootloader, but the steps should remain the same.You can also use the u Demo to update the device firmware.The internal firmware of a Blu-Ray player refers to the digital data structures that facilitate its internal operations.Firmware allows for the reading of different types of data on disks by the player, the customization of display options, the internal clock and many other processes that frequently go unnoticed.Along with it comes the long awaited feature for 1080p60 streaming through Twitch, so long as you have a Pro.But there's also a few other minor changes, like an expanded parent account display that now more easily shows off family members, and custom friend list groups (I'm going to use this right now for raid groups.

This test validates ESRT (EFI System Resource Table) entries.

Assuming that most people want the update sooner rather than later, PS4 users may well see the update before the year is out, however, this will depend on whether Sony has enough time to develop and test the update between now and then.

PS3 2-PLAYER SETUP: Just connect them to the PS3 to play.

Last month, Sony released PS4 firmware update 3.0 This update introduced several new features such as the ability to stream to You Tube Gaming, the Events hub, Communities and stickers, which allow people to add a little ‘something’ to their messages with friends.

Although these features were welcomed by PS4 users, not everyone felt that it was enough and it seems that Sony is already working hard to fix that with the next firmware update.

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