Updating destination list failed

For example, you can specify the number of producers that can send to a physical destination, the number and size of the messages they can send, and the response that the broker should take when physical destination limits are reached.

The limits are similar to broker-wide limits that broker configuration properties control.

I've recently made changes in notification in the emails and added a semi-colon email list.

since then I've not been able check-in, checking-in requirements are ok, but while updating all folders it gives me this error:"failed to update folder in the database".

In normal circumstances, specify "uid" before the user name, however, depending on your environment, you need to specify other attribute such as "cn".

Communication between this machine and the LDAP server is encrypted with SSL.

This has been a part of the “to blog” list for sometime so I just wanted to make a quick note about the following problem: You have your new Lync Server 2010 pool set up and would like to move some pilot users over for testing.

Naturally, you’ll probably use your own account which just so happen to have Enterprise or Domain Administrator privileges and when you try to use the GUI to move your account, you get the following error: I ran into this problem sometime in December 2010 and never really did a whole lot of searching as to why because when I failed to use the GUI to move myself, I simply went ahead and used the cmdlet and it worked: I also noticed that this only happened with accounts that were a part of the Enterprise or Domain administrators group and because I always had problems with these accounts in the OCS 2007 R2 days (ever tried modifying settings of an account that is or used to be a domain administrator before with an account that doesn’t have the same permissions?

At [Search Attribute], enter the search attribute to be automatically added before the user name.This chapter explains how to perform the following tasks: object whenever it interact with a physical destination.For provider-independence and portability, clients typically use administrator-created destination objects, which are called destination administered objects.It always throws an error), I wasn’t surprised with the error.Fast forward to January 2011 when I finally got a chance to do a bit of researching and it looks like this is expected behavior when trying to move accounts that are a part of the Enterprise Administrators or Domain Administrators group.

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