Updating clob data

However, these BLOB and CLOB columns must have an 8-byte integer as their length indicator field instead of 2-byte length indicator as in the VARBYTE and VARCHAR columns.

One restriction in using the inline method to transfer LOB data is that the entire data row should not be larger than 64,000 bytes since that is the row-size limit imposed by the Teradata database.

Doing so might degrade your database's performance as the activity will include system catalog files that are not typically included in a user database.

When you update a definition, Open Edge overwrites the old definition with the new one based on the current data source object.

With plain SQL it is not allowed to select, insert or update a LOB on the remote system.

This ends up with a error like this: "ORA-22992 cannot use lob locators selected from remote tables".

Add object definitions from the data source to a schema holder.

An entry that consists exclusively of wild cards might degrade the performance of the database when you perform a schema pull.

(It will include system catalog files from the data source not typically included in user databases.)Consider whether you will choose to perform a schema pull that consists only of wild cards.

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