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See Tips if you don't know the manufacturer or model of the motherboard.

Create a boot device for the new BIOS by formatting a blank CD-ROM or USB flash drive using Windows "Format." Plug a USB flash drive into an open USB port or place a blank CD into the CD burner.

That being said, I can get to the BIOS flasher by pressing either Ctrl Home or F12 repeatedly during boot. Did you reset the CMOS/remove the battery/set the jumper pin to clear? I put the Bart's PEB (XP Pro SP3) disc back in, changed the SATA back to IDE native, and booted to Bart's. In order to exhaust every possible option, I copied it to my "storage" partition (so I would have a just in case backup of it) and then deleted it from the OS partition.

Once I am there though, the flasher tells me it "can't find any FFS" on the CD. However, when I use a CD that is bootable, the flasher tells me "no BIOS files found". I then rebooted, removed the Bart's disc, changed the SATA to AHCI, but ti was the same thing.

Copy the BIOS file contents to the boot directory of the USB flash drive or CD. He's published several hundred articles with Demand Studios.Turn on the corrupted system and wait for the system to prompt you to access the boot selection screen. Press the indicated key to access the screen and then select the BIOS boot device from the “Boot Device Menu.” Press the “F8” key when asked to select a boot to open the boot selection menu. Type the file name from the BIOS contents, press the space bar and then type the BIOS file name. That is of course assuming something isn't wrong with the actual BIOS socket on the motherboard. Because it's not lighting up on any of the USB ports and the USB keyboard also isn't detected. Yes and, they function fine so it's something with the BIOS. That should technically rule out the motherboard's hardware (or rather the SB) and the need for an actual RMA.

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