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Apple Insider explains what it is, and how to cut down on the potential for attack until patches are rolled out.29 comments Everyone seems to have their own way to fix poor Wi-Fi, from signal boosters to antennas, but mesh systems have risen to the top as one of the better solutions available.To get around this problem and a host of others not addressed in the existing Internet Protocol (IPv4), a new revision has been in development for years, called IPv6.Uptake has been slow; it requires upgrading all the routers and devices that make up the Internet.34 comments A developer has cracked Apple's private key for the Air Play wireless audio streaming protocol, opening the door for computers and other devices to integrate with Air Play in ways that were not previously possible.

When I visit the firmware page, I don't see a download link, but when I follow the attached instructions, the only firmware options I see in the Airport Utility are ones that I have downloaded locally."The original Air Port wasn't really ours, we bought that," we were told."[Apple] supported that for a very long time, even after we built our own, re-organized the division, and some of the guys we brought on to advance the platform were twice-removed." The internal departmental changes suggest that Apple has no plans to update its existing lineup of routers, including the Air Port Extreme, Time Capsule, and Air Port Express, but do not discount the possibility of the functionality being added to a different product.Google, being the internet-centric company that it is, entered the fray with a self-branded mesh product last year, and we put it to the test.36 comments The upcoming launch of Air Play 2 comes with a caveat: Old hardware will need a firmware update, at the very least, to work with the new protocol.

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