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Number 8 are beneficial to 6's for business ventures.

Calm and intellectual 8's control the socialising side of 6's and introduce them to spirituality as well.

Number 8 Ruled by Saturn, Intellectual but Egoistic.

Hard working and visionary people, mostly misunderstood by others.

Number 6 are tender and loving, they help 5's to get rid of their restlessness. So 6's are compatible for any kind of relationship with number 5's.

Number 6 Ruled by Venus Polite and diplomatic people, but know how to manipulate. Born on 6,15 and 24; Compatible with 4, 5 and 8 4's are harmonious but they are never ready to accept any suggestions from each other.

Number 1's are still good for friendship and romance for 8's as they bring a vibrancy to their life. Not meant for long term business partnerships, but periodic association can bring them good money. Number 9 Ruled by Mars Number 1's are helpful and good for 9's.

They are a good match for business, life and friendship.

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Number 5's have communication skills, but don't have that strength, but with the help and strength of 1's and the intellectual mind of 5's both can be successful in business as well as friendship.

Number 4's are not perfect life partners, but can be good friends.

Their views about spirituality is different, but they can be good friends.

About marriage, husbands who are 9's and wives who are 7's can be a good combination, but not in reverse.

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