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Those were actually, Dan said just supposed to be worker bunnies. You would literally show up to Newgrounds every day not knowing what to expect, because someone could upload something, and it could also just push boundaries in terms of like the themes that you’ve never seen before, because there was no censorship going on.

And eventually they get to the main characters of the game. PJ: And Flash was the language that made all this possible.

Even if he thought, “I would not have made this game.” TOM: When people would come to the site, and they’d be edgier than I was… So like there’d be people who reach out to me who like really considered it life saving like that this existed for them. They were so miserable in the rest of their life, then they would come to Newgrounds and it would be like their happy place.

there’s always that side of me that’s like I don’t want to kick them off the site because they’re like me… Like lot of people, like when they’re at a real low point, when you’re in a dark place, you really do enjoy dark humor. Like, some people that don’t get dark humor don’t realize it can be really therapeutic to other people that are having kind of dark feelings and stuff. And you just like, you met a lot of people like that over the years and it makes you feel like this is sort of, like…

It was interesting, because Columbine’s like an interesting thing to me because like you see so many reflections of yourself in that group of kids.

Like, you didn’t like– you know, there’s a lot of kids in your school you didn’t like.

PJ: Tom took a lot of criticism in the years after Columbine, because what would happen is people would publish school shooting games on Newgrounds, and Tom would very rarely do anything about it.

In 2014, the company that was hosting the game online so people could play it, it went under. The only person who still had the code was actually Andre. The first popular web page I made was called Club A Seal. Then I made Assassin, which kind of became a real cornerstone of the site for those early years.

Where you’d just- you’d click on a picture of a seal to club it. Where I would make games where you assassinate annoying celebrities.

This year we’ve gotten one question from listeners more than any other: is Facebook eavesdropping on my conversations and showing me ads based on the things that I say? Further Reading Our guide to keep Facebook from following you around the internet can be found at . More KRIS: Who lived like, across the street from me, and I would just climb over my fence, and just go into her yard. He could do the art, but he didn’t know how to code.

And then she like lived in this huge, like, it’s the biggest house I was ever inside of. So, he would just pour like all of his hopes and ideas into a blog that he had.

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But talking to Dan, what really surprised me actually was what the game meant to him.

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