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From accidental pregnancies to adoption, from bouts of morning sickness on live television to problem-free pregnancies, the film covers a broad range of pregnancy and parenting problems, but in an entertaining way.“What To Expect When You’re Expecting” may poke fun at pregnancy.

However, this is one of the best movies about pregnancy that addresses emotional issues that women face during this phase.

It even examines the impact of how birth is treated as a medical emergency, rather than a natural occurrence.

Basically, the film will gear you up for delivery by providing you with all the facts about childbirth.

But Angie’s impudence and chutzpa deliver most laughs in the film.One time you will laugh out loud, and the other time you’ll shed occasional tears during this movie.[ Read: Best Teen Pregnancy Movies ] “Nine Months,” starring Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore, is a must watch film when you are expecting.This 1995 rom-com is about Simon (Hunt Grant), a commitment-phobic guy and his girlfriend, Rebecca (Julienne Moore).If you are looking for a pregnant themed movie with an outlandish movie plot, then “Junior” could be your pick. Hess, (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who impregnates himself while experimenting with a fertility drug to help mothers carry endangered infants.A string of comic incidents then unfolds, finally leading to Arnold in the labor room, ready to undergo the C-section.

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But like a true blue 90s film, the film ends happily.

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