Step 3 error while updating

Also Check – How to Fix Driver Power State Failure Error in Windows In this step we will try to fix the update error issue using the built-in troubleshooter on your windows computer.

To do that, Go to Control Panel and then click on Find and Fix Problems.

If you don’t want to wait for the revert or if the reverting doesn’t fix the issue and you still see the error, then try to force restart your computer.

Now let’s see how we can try to solve this problem. If you are stuck on the error screen, then there are two options for you.

First one is to wait for the computer to revert the changes. Apply this method if you are scared to do a force restart and have enough patience.

Then, open i Tunes on your computer and select your i Phone from the top left the menu. On your Mac: you need to hold the OPTION and Command Key then click the “Restore” button. If you still can't update your device, try using a different Wi-Fi network and computer. Assuming these tricks have helped you troubleshoot this issue.

Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

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Below are the download links of IPSW files: Step #2.

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