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The connection started getting staticky at 75 ft and was completely unreliable after the 6th wall.

It was still trying at 8 walls and 110 ft, but it wasn't a connection you can rely on for monitoring.

Their first product was incandescent lamps and small electrical products.

When Gerald's brother Anton joined his brother and father, they quickly became the leading producer of light bulbs.

With only a power button and volume adjustments, there is almost no way to make a mistake or press the wrong options in the middle of the night.

Setup is also easy with a less than one minute process that includes unboxing, plugging in, and turning it on.

Over time they diversified into other electronics including lamps, tvs, radios, shavers, and x-rays.

In 1963, Phillips created the compact audio cassette and partnered with Sony to create the CD and the DVD.

If you are looking for a simple monitor that gets the job done with good sound, this is a good choice for you.At 85 db, the sound is clear with no distortion and easy to hear.If your only concern is hearing baby, then the sound is impressive and hits the mark.Th parent unit for this monitor has a maximum volume of 101 decibels.At this volume, the sound is crisp, clear and bright.

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Philips, a Netherlands company, is primarily a health technology company striving to improve health and healthy living.

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