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Coldham station was the first to be closed in 1966, followed by the March to Watlington via Wisbech branch in September 1968.

The line between March and Wisbech remained, however, open to freight traffic - namely steel coil for the Metal Box factory and occasional parcels, coal and pet food trains from Nestle Purina until Summer 2000.

The railway development in the area was completed in March 1848 with the opening of a single-track 9.5 mile extension from Wisbeach to Watlington Junction.

Although not recommended for closure in the Beeching Report of 1963, the series of lines around Wisbech were gradually closed from the 1960s onwards.

In March 2014 the route was declared by Stephen Hammond, the transport minister, to be a "strategic priority".The ATOC report has the active support of the Liberal Democrats, Railfuture and is being followed up by the local Conservative council.Having reviewed the ATOC proposals the Wisbech to March Bramley Line published its position statement, A statement made by Conservative councillor Simon King, Fenland District Council’s chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee, indicated that the Council "are very pleased ATOC has raised the idea of re-opening the line" and stated that, "anything Fenland District Council can do to support it we will do because it is really important for the development of the area".The line was singled in March 1972 with the lifting of the down rails.Campaigning group Railfuture have made an uncosted proposal that that line should be restored as a commuter route, providing an hourly service to Cambridge, with a maximum suggested journey time of 35 minutes.

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