Sirius radio keeps saying updating

We're updating this page as information comes in..check back every few days to see how we're progressing."I really enjoyed revisiting lots of memories on your WAKY web site.

Was morning host at WVEZ in Louisville for many years through July 21, 2008.[Audio Interview Available] Longtime WAKY morning man known as "The Duke of Louisville." Bill came to the Derby City from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1965 to do morning drive at WKLO.

I called Sirius and they said there was a long backorder for warranty for all "pnp" recievers. The reason I bought it was it was small and I basically only listen to Stern so the small display doesn't bother me. Well I found out WHY I kept getting the NO SIGNAL on my SV1.

She gave me a credit on my account to use toward the purchase of a new reciever. Well I had the SV-1 working great for 3 months then DEAD. ~CHECK YOUR ANTENNAE WIRE~ I have a Dodge Magnum and the black antennae receiver sits on top of my car where the trunk lid opens and meets the roof line. Powered by v Bulletin® Version 3.8.11Copyright ©2000 - 2017, v Bulletin Solutions Inc. SIRIUS and registered trademarks are the property of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Inc.

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I bought the unit on Thursday, installed in my car using the lighter plug-in FM Modulater method, and it worked great for the first day or so.

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