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The Government last week launched its consultation document, asking the public if they “agree” or “disagree” with the proposals.

But the document said ministers were looking at how, rather than if, the ban should be lifted.

The issue is whether it’s wrong to deny Muslim women the right to choose. Beyond just my personal convictions and beliefs on the matter, what also deserves consideration is what such a ban means in the context of Canadian law and what it means for freedom of religion in Canadian society.

The Social Argument One of the prime reasons offered to support the ban on the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies and elsewhere is that it is an affront to the equality of women, a treasured Canadian value.

It is more of a sideways assault on religion, that 'we can dilute your beliefs and values’, and I find that concerning.” Lord Singh, who represented British Sikhs at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, said Sikh scriptures do not condemn homosexuality and encourage Sikhs to respect “all ways of life”.

But added: “In the pursuit of equality one shouldn’t dilute and distort another’s beliefs.” Rabbi Schochet described the proposals as “pure politics” and an assault on “traditional values”, adding it was hypocritical to impose such a far-reaching “secular” change when religious leaders would be condemned for imposing their values on others.

” He added that others may seek to contest the minimum age of marriage or even call for two brothers to be allowed to marry.

“Ultimately, of course, it’s not for me to dictate to government and start telling them what to do, I can just simply decry what is going on the basis of what I consider to be, from a religious biblical perspective, an assault on religious values.” Rabbi Schochet, the minister at Mill Hill synagogue in north London, added that he welcomed homosexual Jews into his synagogue but said redefining marriage to accommodate same-sex couples would “run counter to the fundamentals of our beliefs”.

His views are contrary to those of the British Jewry’s Reform and Liberal movements, which have both backed same-sex marriage.

CHANDIGARH: The election of the new chairman of the Market Committee was today postponed following a high drama over the alleged abduction of one of the nine directors and acting chairman of the Market Committee, Harjit Singh.

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced that henceforth, Muslim women will be prohibited from covering their faces with the niqab during citizenship ceremonies.

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The move was met with general support and the federal opposition parties have also largely avoided commenting on the issue.

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