Sedating fish

Kusuri Masuizai Koi Sedate is safe to use at any temperature.

Please ensure that you read, understand and follow all safety guidelines included with your chemical product.

Good sense advice Never mix pond treatments unless under trusted expert advice.

Always check water conditions first before treating (Most fish keeping problems are due to poor water quality or environmental problems). Never treat in the evening, as it could all go wrong in the dark.

With surgical anaesthesia there is loss of muscle tone and further respiratory depression.

No response to a firm squeeze at the base of the tail confirms a loss of reaction to stimuli and general anaesthesia.

The anaesthetic and recovery baths should contain water from the aquatic system the fish is used to.

All water parameters should be in an acceptable range and the temperature should be constant.

An artificial ventilation system is necessary in procedures of more than 10 minutes or in all but the shortest out-of-water anaesthetics.

If possible, fish should be starved for 12-24 hours prior to anaesthesia, as regurgitated food will decrease water quality and can become lodged in the gills.

Baseline behavioural parameters should be obtained, such as ventilation, caudal fin stroke rate and overall activity rate.

A bifurcated pipe or mouth piece should be placed in the buccal cavity to deliver aerated anaesthetic solution across the gills.

Nonrecirculating and recirculating systems are available. Adjustement of the drug concentration in response to depth of anaesthesia is difficult with immersion anaesthesia.

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Induction usually takes 5-10 minutes and is marked by a decrease in caudal fin strokes, swimming, respiratory rate and reaction to stimuli.

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