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We spent most of our summer out here then and continue to do so today! We shot the campaign for it [out East], and it comes out this summer. I was amazed to see the two of you eat because you’re in such great shape. HR: I love our dinners at Sam’s—they’re so much fun—but yes, we’re both very fitness-oriented people. She’s such a trouper because she just bites the bullet and gets through it. In certain aspects, I’m the boss, and in certain aspects Sean is the boss. There are things that earlier in our relationship I would have been a little more bullheaded about, but it’s a complete collaboration now.When we started dating, he was taking me to Soul Cycle, and I started to work out a lot more because he’s a professional athlete; he has to do that for his job, so I got into that mentality about my job, too. HR: Well, I express my anger later to Sean if there’s something that he said that was inappropriate, but he’s handling it pretty well. Sean, what’s one thing you love about Hilary that nobody else knows?I didn’t tell her because she was working so much, she wasn’t going out to the Hamptons; So essentially, I really kind of redid the entire house without telling her. I enjoyed it so much that I realized that there’s a major gap in the market out here in terms of houses that are not megamansions, so I decided that was what I wanted to do as my new career. We’ve been spending so much time out here, every summer and a lot [of the rest of the year] too. At this point, I don’t necessarily think we need a wedding planner.

Closet couple Hilary Rhoda and Sean Avery turned up fashionably late together for the Institute for Civic Leadership spring benefit at DVF Studio Tuesday night.The model and former NHL player tied the knot on Saturday in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, New York.Shortly after, wedding guests took to Instagram to share photos from the couple's big day, calling out her Carolina Herrera dress.A few years later I started house hunting and bought a home in Southampton in 2009. Revolution 43.5mm stainless steel automatic watch, David Yurman (,800). On Hilary: Top (,350) and skirt (,350), Hermès. Hirshleifers, Americana Manhasset, 516-627-3566' width="650" height="794" You are the best-looking couple I’ve ever met. I met Sean at a party years ago, and you’re both really fun people to see out at events. 44A Main St., Southampton, 377-3771' width="650" height="793" Who really wears the pants in this relationship?I had bought it the summer we started dating, and it was perfect because he was in his offseason, so it gave us time to get to know each other and spend a lot of time together before he had to go back to training camp. We did a collection for a swimwear company called Solid & Striped. HR: He is, and he actually was kind of art-directing a little bit, too, on the side, giving ideas for certain shots. Normally if I have a male model with me on set for a job, it can be a little awkward, so it was so nice to have him with me. London Jewelers, 2 Main St., East Hampton, 329-3939. Americana Manhasset, 2060 Northern Blvd., 516-869-6660. Buckle chain necklace with diamonds, David Yurman (,600). I remember going to Sam’s with you, and you did a really good job on the pizza, and then we went out for ice cream across the street. SA: I wonder about that sometimes, too, because she’s standing there, and I always end up doing something wrong. HR: We’re a pretty good match in the sense that we balance each other out.

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“It’s for us and everyone else who wants to wear easy, chic, and certainly sexy [clothes], if we are talking about Hilary’s pieces…” Here, the couple talk about falling in love in Southampton, planning an East End wedding, and the best local places for staying fit. Americana Manhasset, 2080 Northern Blvd., 516-627-3566. On Sean: Clothing, his own' width="650" height="754" What are you guys building out East?

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