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She began dating Ella Mielniczenko following her breakup with Nilsen.She, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart are good friends, and are affectionately known to their fans as the Holy Trinity of You Tube.Last camp I set aside a few blocks where I just hung out outside Wolf Lodge and encouraged campers to stop by and fill out applications to appear in my Straddler On The Street column, but I ended up having a lot of downtime and then some made rushes of people, and some campers forgot about it and some people said they’d stop by but then never did.It was okay, and I did get a lot of submissions, but I was convinced there was a better way.) // Out in the Cuntry (Bren, Kaylah & Mey) // Vanessa’s S’Mores & Straddlers (Vanessa) // Ask a Therapist (Donna & Sarah Evan) // Tinderhearts (Marni) New Media & The Future of Entertainment: Q& A With Hannah Hart (Hannah Hart) // UCB: Upright Campers Brigade (Brittani & Lane) // Well That’s F*cking Pretty: Mooncatchers!(Laneia) // Lez Talk About Sex(ual Health) (Lizz) // Words With Friends: Limerick/Wordplay Workshop (Carolyn & Cara) Carly, Special Programming Director & Contributor: The idea for CAMP Talks (CAMP doesn’t officially stand for anything, I just like making it all caps) sort of happened simultaneously in several different people’s brains and then it all came together. I think we all felt like there were so many cool, talented people with interesting jobs or hobbies or passions and we wanted to know more.So we put our heads together and came up with CAMP Talks (but probably it would stand for Creating Awesome and Meaningful Presentations).Campers got to submit ideas ahead of time and then we chose our favorite proposals to come and present. It was so great seeing all the random and interesting things our campers had to share. Stef, The Gossip Counselor & Music Editor: Camp Talks were brilliant!

WELL GUESS WHAT, SO MANY MORE THAN A FEW PEOPLE SHOWED UP!My little Gossip baby Anna got up and taught everyone how to make terrariums, Monique from the Blackhearts explained renegade US history (painting sex workers from the Wild West as early feminist icons), and Hannah Hart gave a really great talk about the five languages of love.I’m terrified of public speaking, personally, so I applaud everybody who got up there and shared their wisdom; I hope we do a lot more camp talks in the future.I was always that girl in college in my pjs at breakfast, and sometimes dinner too.Carly and I brought our onesies which feel like wearing a huge fleece blanket.

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She created the "Have a Hart Day" initiative of community service events.

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