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—Tamfang , 28 March 2006 (UTC) "Duns Tew" was a style invented under the direction of Tim Radford, who was then with the Adderbury Morris Men and Kirtlington Morris.

I believe there was a "Duns Tew" team in England for a while, and that the style has been danced by Red Herring Morris of Boston, MA among others.

In any case, this article is about the only place I've ever seen "dance/dancing" capitalized ("There are English records mentioning the Morris Dance..."). (Or dancing, sides, or organizations.) In my experience capitalization of "morris" has little to do with geography; some people do it, some don't, and it bears more relationship to who they communicate with than where they live. I feel uncomfortable with capitalization, because I don't think a case can be made that it's a proper noun; and I don't think most people capitalize types (as opposed to names) of dances, e.g.

But we all know that everyone who uses "it's" as a possessive is simply wrong ;-) Greg , 22 February 2007 (UTC) I agree with the first statement in this section, and note that the predominant usage in this article now is uncapitalized, and the article says, "it is not a proper noun." Since that's also good enough for the OED and and the Random House Unabridged Dictionary and, I figure that's good enough--and about time--to warrant the change, which I've now done.

I tried to retain caps where the word is part of a proper noun or title.

This is also consistent with the usage in the Swing (dance) article, which treats, e.g., "West Coast Swing" as a proper noun and uses lower case for the generic usage in "Many swing dancers today..." (that article, however, does also have some inconsistencies in caps usage).

Rich Janis , 14 November 2007 (UTC) I removed this: for two reasons: first, it doesn't belong in the "styles" section, and second, it needs verification -- I've never heard of this sprite, in or not in conjunction with morris dancing.

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