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It is such a scary experience to be financially dependent on someone and also want to leave at the same time.The movies make it look so romantic, but it's anything but. I have been told it is easier to be a widower than it is to be a widow. I have been told that it is easier to date as a widower than it is as a widow. I have been told things many things about being a widower.

It made me miss her with an intensity that burned my soul.

It's heartbreaking and painful, and it isn't pretty.

Dating someone who is terminally ill will test your love and your strength like nothing else ever will.

We Cuddled, I Cried During Michelle’s two and a half year cancer battle I was a complete and total mess. Although in all honesty, I don’t think that Love ever went away. As I sat and cried like an unhinged baby, SHE would try to comfort ME. That I had to be there for my step-daughter, (her daughter.) And that she would bring me someone special when the time was right.

I fell in love with her at 17, and then again when we found our way back to each other at 26.

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I reached out to 10 women who have dated men with money and here’s what they had to say.

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