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never let your needs be bypassed because of somebody else’s choices in life. If the kids are grown and they have their own lives then it should be a non- issue. When dating somebody who is set up to retire in 15-20 years, this can pose a problem if you are both not on the same page.It can work out well if the man says that when he retires he wants you to retire with him and to not work anymore and then you guys can enjoy retirement life together.I mean face it, if your dad came home with a girl your age, how would you feel? There is a stereotype and there will always be judgement. At the same time the man should never sacrifice his happiness because of a simple unapproval from the children.

I have come across this situation before and it is unfair for one person to drop their life to enter another’s …it should always be 50-50.

This gets complicated when the women quits her job to be a part of this relationship and let’s the man support her.

For the time period of the relationship this may work out well for both when both are getting what they need.

You both get to spend time together and you can be the dream wife who has dinner on the table every night and meet all his needs as your full time job.

BUT if the relationship ends 10 years into it and the woman has been out of the workforce for so long with no income or savings of her own it will be very difficult to be a part of society again. Children: Typically ,e in their 40’s have had children who are grown now. This needs to be established before the relationship continues….you want your own children? If he already has his own then they will most likely not be ok with him dating you!

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Most of my boyfriends have been 35-50 and I am 25 years old.

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