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Prescribed were grey jackets with crimson trim denoting the infantry branch. It was a combined force of infantry, artillery and cavalry. They would play a significant role in Tennessee during the Siege of Cumberland Gap. As they tried to wrestle control for Snod Grass Hill they would suffer a 45% casualty rate out of the 902 men from the unit sent into battle.

This soldier is in fact dressed in a grey rough spun jacket with the collar trimmed in crimson and sporting crimson cloth shoulder straps. The 1st Battalion itself was decimated losing 169 men out of 239.

He's dressed in what I tend to think was a green frock.

The collar and cuffs are trimmed with white facings fringed in lace.

The reverse was then inscribed "Booth the Assassin". The guard has been tooled so that decorative holes can be seen running it's length with the top bent over at a right angle to the blade.

The buttons are for the most part gilded over but if you look close enough there's no doubt those are palmetto trees gracing the front of those buttons!

He wears a very unique belt which is hand stitched with a zig zag pattern and crosses.

It most likely dates to the spring or early summer of 1862 when the regiment was initially raised.

They would see action at Franklin, Nashville, Alabama and in and around Tennessee.

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