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Even if it's not about religion - if my boyfriend told me I had to change any aspect of myself for him to marry me I would refuse (unless I was taking part in something which could damage my health, etc, of course).

In this fight he ragged on my 'relationship with god' and some of the exclusive beliefs of my faith, telling me that I am not yet 'saved by god'.

As many people who are married would, I assume, agree: for a good healthly marriage, you need MUCH more than a basic idea of love.

Our culture teaches us that if you are attracted to a person and love them, then everything will be perfect. you also have to agree on some fundamentals to a relationship ie. [quote="thesunsetglow, post:1, topic:242812"] I'm Italian and I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic faith.

In the past few years, I haven't attended church too regularly simply because our church does not have a very strong young demographic and I feel its hard to feel a part of the church. He believes very strongly in his faith, participates in their 'worship team', attends church regularly. In our every day lives, this religious difference does not affect us.

However, he has recently been pressuring me into converting to Presbyterian, which I am not about to do.

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It may be immaturity or it may be weakness of character, but either way, he is not marriageable material! Both were under intense pressure to break it off and "marry their own kind," but they both stood up for each other and their love.

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