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It is appropriate to shake hands with everyone present in formal situations, which generally means that you haven't met the person before; this applies to men, women and older children.

The handshake, whether at a social or business meeting, is accompanied by direct eye contact and the appropriate greeting. When greeting acquaintances and friends, men embrace and pat one another on the back, and women kiss both cheeks, starting with the right.

, between women you only shake hands in very formal occasions, and if you don't know the person at all. Being overly demonstrative with hand gestures or body language gives a bad impression.

As in a lot of cultures, pointing with your finger is considered offensive.

Do not bring wine unless you know which wines your hosts prefer.

Also, count the number of flowers you bring--13 is considered unlucky. Reserve blooms of this colour for your lover or partner advises one Expatica reader based in Portugal. When you receive a gift, keep in mind that the Portuguese consider it polite to open the gift when received.

The Portuguese tend to be direct in their communication style.

Usually they will tell you the truth but in a polite manner.

Should you be unsure about certain customs and behaviours, your Portuguese acquaintances, friends and even business partners will gladly introduce you to their culture.

Public displays of affection are considered normal within certain limits.

When invited to a Portuguese home for dinner, bring flowers, good quality chocolates or candy for the hostess.

Life in Portugal revolves around the family and even in the 21st century, some traditions and ways of life remain unchanged, especially in rural areas.

In Portugal, the family is the foundation of the social structure.

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The Portuguese tend to touch a bit when conversing with good friends and family, but such displays are quite inappropriate in business or formal situations.

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