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If you like the Horror/Sci-Fi genre, be sure to check out this recent news regarding Glass, The Unbreakable/Split sequel.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also going to be Sci-Fi Speed Dating.

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S., commenting on a NSFW Artist Edition illo ✸ — M.

If you’re buying celebrity signings on the spot, plan your time accordingly and expect long lines. Former professional wrestler, father of entirely too many kids but a gamer forever. I went to school for Game Development and have been following my passion for gaming in top gear recently.

The Nerd Stash will be walking the floor all four days.

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  2. I also have the names of Jacob's parents, David and Leah Etgart, and of his brothers, Morris and Meyer Etgart. A professor who has published on the subject of Polish surnames, tells me Edgard or Etgart is not Polish. Do you have any information about the historical background for Lubien/Chodecz for the early to mid 1860s so I can try and understand the circumstances in which these people emigrated?