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The movie has become an international success, and will even be screened in Israeli high schools.

But it has done nothing to move the wall or better the village’s situation.

On some occasions, you do not even have time to think about the pictures you take.” Bil'in resident Bassem Abu Rahme was killed on April 17, 2009, by a high-velocity tear gas canister fired at his chest, in an incident captured on video.

Known in his village as “Pheel” (elephant, in Arabic) because of his large frame and fun-loving demeanor, Abu Rahme was a regular at the weekly protest, often seen trying to reason with the soldiers in broken Hebrew and English.

From the moment construction began, Palestinians protested its route, 85 percent of which runs east of the Green Line, which marked the 1967 boundary between Israel and the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The full route, as outlined in the blueprint approved by Israel’s Ministry of Defense, is 422 miles of zigzagging curves and loops, making it more than twice as long as the 199-mile-long Green Line.

The vote was 138–9 in favor of the upgraded status for Palestine, with 41 nations abstaining.

“This is not an environment where you can be calm and have a lot of time to really do good pictures.

“The boy can see, his eyes are not totally covered. This is why he is looking right at me,” al-Bazz explained.

Perhaps because of his role in the nascent Palestinian national soccer setup, Sarsak became a popular symbol of protest.

“I'm trying to focus on neglected issues, about issues that few people know about,” says Ahmad Al-Bazz, the photographer who took this picture on the 89th day of the hunger strike of Mahmoud Sarsak, a midfielder for the Palestinian national soccer team.

Sarsak had been held under administrative detention in an Israeli prison for three years without charge or trial.

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In September 2013, Israel’s military advocate general closed the investigation into Abu Rahme’s death without any indictment, claiming it was impossible to identify the soldier involved, or to establish whether there had been a breach of regulations that forbid tear gas canisters from being fired directly at human targets.

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