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You wouldn’t believe the amount of profiles that we receive that we have to send back because they say “I’ll fill this in later”.Make today the day that you finish your profile, upload a photo and start sending messages!The bottom line is you have to give a woman some details about who you are if you want to generate real attraction.You don’t have to tell your life story or divulge deeply personal details.

Remember, women get so many messages from men who do provide a photo that profiles without photos just get put on the back burner or ignored all together. Many men who actually put some time into writing a profile spend all the space talking about who they are, what they’ve accomplished and what they want from a woman.

Having an online dating profile with no photo is like having one with no age or gender.

You’re withholding a vital piece of information women need to feel that spark of attraction and interest.

I’m not a big fan of this brand of advice because it just results in every man’s profile sounding exactly the same and not containing any real, authentic details that will grab a woman’s attention and hold it. Just as a photo alone is not enough to cultivate strong attraction in women, a profile that just has a few lines, or is full of generic pickup artist scripts, does not give women something real to be attracted to.

Women tend to read every word of a man’s profile, and they do this because they want to gauge whether or not there is the potential for the three Cs: chemistry, compatibility and conversation.

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In 2010 I found myself single and incredibly intrigued by the dating world.

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