Ngee ann poly love and dating

To relax and unwind, there’s always studio 27 where jamming, game zones and video production area all comes together.

My experience in NP has been a real good one and I am rest assured that it’ll only get better from here.

On top of all these, the foods in NP are amazing and the facilities provided for students are astonishing!

Places like the library and ourspace are great to unwind and get your thinking cap on.

The lecturers in school are always ready to lend helping hands especially for students who are struggling.

There is an unspoken warmth that NP provides that I know wouldn’t exist in any other place.

A Diploma in Banking and Financial Services at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The academic competition was tough yet enjoyable and exam study weeks were the highlights of my year, pushing mental boundaries and fully addressing any concept discrepancies.

Unfortunately, this happens to be my graduating year but at least I managed to lose some weight during my 3 years in Ngee Ann by repeatedly climbing the hills to the life sciences department or Makan place.

Table tennis equipment were easily loaned and there were plenty of table tennis tables throughout the sports hall, making it wonderfully accessible to any of the students with a short break between lectures or classes. When I was accepted into Ngee Ann, there were no words to describe the happiness I felt.

I’ve always wanted to be in NP, not only because of the wide range of courses they provided but also due to the welcoming vibe that the school had.

I like how there are so many places to relax, studying and socialize with friends.

The canteens are also pretty impressive - great food at great prices.

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