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Vegetables: For optimal health, organic vegetables should be offered daily. For the biggest nutritional punch, focus mostly on dark green leafy vegetables (some favorites are dandelion leaves, parsley, cilantro, kale, spinach) and orange veggies (carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, pumpkin).Herbs and spices are excellent as well – keep reading for details.Sprouting offers the opportunity to give birds the live food that they are biologically adapted to consume.Sprouting changes and enhances the nutritional quality of vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll.Budgie parakeets fed seed-only diets have a much shorter life span — in fact, Mass-produced dry seed parakeet food should constitute no more than about 20 percent of your budgie’s diet.If offered dry seeds as a free-choice diet component, budgies and other parrots will usually eat it to the exclusion of everything else offered.Fruit: Offer fruit only occasionally (perhaps 1-2 times weekly) as it contains more sugar.

Buy fresh or frozen organic, pesticide-free produce. Don’t include the fruit seeds or pits because they contain trace amounts of Cyanide.A diet of cooked and processed food does not contain as much nutritional value or enzymes as fresh raw foods.Sprouts: Sprouted seeds, grains, legumes and peas provide your bird with nutrient and enzyme-rich food as nature intended.Research at the University of Minnesota found that sprouting increases the total nutrient density of food.For example, sprouted whole wheat was found to have 315% more vitamin B2, 300% more vitamin C, 278% more folic acid, 111% more biotin, 66% more vitamin B3, 65% more vitamin B5, and 28% more thiamin than non-sprouted whole wheat.

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