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And I'm pretty sure you can get the shoes, jewelry, and dress from the wedding planner. Answer from: Jellybean I think I have the solution but I'm not sure if it works for everyone...So you have to go on 3 perfect dates (5 stars) after your SO asks if you two are going serious, I had my last date at panino and went on to Florence for a fourth date at 10AX club and that's where I proposed.I recently updated my game to the newest version where you're supposed to be able to get married, but how do you do that?I'm maxed with the guy I've been dating and I'm not getting an option to propose now on dates. I''m the zealous believer in butter, chocolate, flour, and soft drink. Why would you eat a lunch box from the convenience store? (no hearts) You must be feeling really complicated. He's continuing the charity association founded by his lover... I know how desperate you are, but I don't have much that I know. [Jaehee] I'll report you if you check my background info! (no hearts) I've met a guy of my type, but his name wasn't Rika..

[ZEN] Come on, I'm not a nuisance - [Yoosung] He's right, you should stop whining and go to bed (no hearts) You should hurry up to bed, Zen... (no hearts) Okay ^^ (no hearts) I'm usually up early in the morning. So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late... (no hearts) See ya - (no hearts) Good luck on your work, Mr. (no hearts) But you should think about the welfare of your co-worker. [Jumin] With what kind of person do you go along well, Zen? (no hearts) I think it's time for you to win the Nobel Prize in Beauty. Also I accidentally broke up with him and when we got back together, I was still at the same club and I still got that proposal option. TL: DR the proposal option most like is available in Florence at the club and three perfect dates Answer from: Blg Make sure you have the 10ax opening job complete before you "go on multiple dates to get engaged". Finally managed to get married but I accidentally broke up with him too : O Xxx X Answer from: Ahizzle You dont have to be maxed out to be proposed to and if youre dating a guy, im pretty sure he proposes to you but you have to go on dates with him and then youll get a quest that says popping the question, you have to complete that, go on one more date, and he should propose Answer from: Bridgit Delight You have to be in the #top10 in the Top Stars list I think because my friend recently got married when she was 9th in Top Stars but #81 in the Top Couples List.Once you finish the opening job at 10ax you should get the task to go on the three dates, finish that with 3 perfect (5 star) dates and then go on one more date and then there should be a proposal. Hope you see this, but when you got remarried, did you have to buy everything again?

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(no hearts) Welcome, Yoosung ^^ (no hearts) She's eating lunch box from convenience store T-T Waaah (no hearts) Is it because you're frustrated when you think about V? (no hearts) That sounds like a waste of your tuition.

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