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Use those contacts as a start; their company might not be able to help but they might know someone who can.All things being equal in life, people would rather do business with their friends.If there's something you have been thinking about buying for six months, but probably won't be buying for six months then you should always contact the manufacturer about possible sponsorship.Once you get sponsorship another possibility is they might be interested in helping with advertising the next time you're on tour.Make it a Sales Call: Treat every contact like you would a sales call, because essentially that is what you are doing.Same exact method because you’re selling your music, your tour, your band.

If you’re new to our show, I already have 23 behind the scenes vids up on our You Tube channel, go peep those for a good laugh.Are you providing a good return on investment for them?Don’t Expect Free Stuff: Most endorsed artists through Fender, Gibson, Pearl, etc.You have to figure unless your name is at a level that they are approaching you, you aren't famous enough for them to get more from you than you are from them.But a lot of places do offer things to you at the cost they do to Guitar Center.

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  1. These are real amateurs - some are there to earn a few dollars by stripping for tips, while others are true exhibitionists who really get off having sex knowing that hundreds of people are watching. It's a behind the scenes look at the internet's largest adult video chat room.

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