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As the street had to share studio space with the house interiors, it was built to a smaller scale and never in its entirety in a single studio session.The show's theme music, a cornet piece, accompanied by a brass band plus clarinet and double bass, reminiscent of northern band music, was written by Eric Spear, who was paid £6 for its use.Jack Howarth, Margot Bryant, Lynne Carol, Noel Dyson and Philip Lowrie played recast characters from the dry runs, in addition to Alan Rothwell playing the newly created David Barlow, Arthur Leslie as Jack Walker, and Ivan Beavis and Jennifer Moss as Harry Hewitt and his eleven-year-old daughter Lucille, the youngest member of the cast.Although Warren's preference was for Lancastrians to play anyone from Weatherfield, London-born Daphne Oxenford was cast as Esther Hayes, while Ernst Walder and Doreen Keogh played Ivan Cheveski and Concepta Riley, respectively Linda's husband and Rovers barmaid who were the only non-British characters.

Most of the main characters were present in early drafts of scripts - Rovers landlords Annie and Jack Walker, Frank and Ida Barlow, their student son Kenneth (who at that point had a sister called Enid), Glad Tidings Mission Hall caretaker and battleaxe Ena Sharples, bus driver Harry Hewitt and his daughter Lucille (then named Janice), shop owner Florrie Lindley, and the lower-class Tanners: Elsie and her grown up children Dennis and Linda.

Coronation Street went before the cameras for the first time between 7.30pm and 8.00pm on Friday 18th November when the first of two pilot episodes (known as "dry runs" within Granada) was recorded in Studio 2.

Patricia Phoenix, Anne Cunningham, Frank Pemberton, William Roache, Betty Alberge and Christine Hargreaves had been cast by this stage as, respectively, Elsie Tanner, Linda Cheveski, Frank Barlow, Kenneth Barlow, Florrie Lindley and Christine Hardman.

The characters of Dennis Tanner, Ida Barlow, Albert Tatlock and Ena Sharples appeared in the dry run but were subsequently recast.

The other pilot shot was the eventual Episode 3, which also featured the characters of Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst (although not played by Margot Bryant and Lynne Carol).

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