Men dating single moms

Just because I don’t want a man-child I have to drive to his friend’s house doesn’t mean I am materialistic.

It just means I don’t want another kid around the house to take care of.

It was so different from being married, and so much fun to get to know new people and get dressed up and have someone dote on you.

Plus, you didn’t have to cut anyone’s chicken fingers for them (hopefully), which was a nice change.

Some are funny, like this point: "The first to several benefits of dating a woman with children is that she's likely already used to cooking, without anybody having to beg her because she has a child that needs to eat, right? And some are more serious, like when he says single moms probably have their own source of income and are financially independent, or single moms may be less likely to ditch when the relationship gets hard.

"I'm talking about loss of job, sickness, or just a bad argument.

You want that kind of single mom, she’s probably out there, but she’s not hanging out with me.

We are whores This is probably the biggest misconception around; that if a woman is a single mom she will automatically be easy to get in bed.

Personally I don’t want their children, and I can’t imagine many women would want children with a man who uses the phrase “steal my sperm.” I should probably check back in with that guy and see – just out of curiosity.

Just because he can't see them doesn't mean they're not there.| FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CHANNEL _____________ NYC RSVP : djaxnny.(link in bio) A post shared by Self Love Ambassador (@derrickjaxn) on Jaxn was challenged in a You Tube comment to make a list of advantages to dating a single mom, but "while I do love challenges, this isn't one at all," he said in the video.

He's careful to say that this video isn't a knock against women without children, but he proceeds to give seven reasons why dating a woman with children is great.

I know people on both ends of that spectrum, but even the moms who have absentee fathers to deal with aren’t walking around looking for a Daddy for their kids.

My child has a very active father in his life, but growing up, my bio-dad was very absent.

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Being a single mom and trying to date is even harder.

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