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'A couple of weeks before the Boo Boo shooting, Uncles (informant Paul Ford) told Humphreys about a Blood named Boo Boo who just came home from jail.

He stated that Boo Boo had robbed RZA's little brother and had also gotten into something with the Christian brothers,' the excerpt from the file said, according to The Advance.'Uncles was talking about Boo Boo and said that he had just come home and robbed RZA's brother and that they would likely come after him for that.

Former "Blood, Sweat & Heels" star Melyssa Ford is out of the wheelchair and back in her stilettos, but she’s still full of piss and vinegar over the brutal bottle attack.

Ford was out late drinking “coffee” with her gal pals in NYC when our photog spotted her.

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