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Big Bros or huge cams are the only things that will work higher up.Bring at least one wired stopper to cinch off the manky bolt in the off-width.If you look to the left of that old bolt you'll find a crack where a sideways-slotted # 10 stopper, seated with a good yank, and extended with a long sling, will provide decent protection for the runout above.Just in time for Forced Induction Friday, the team at Hennessey Performace just dropped an epic teaser.Should you need to bail from the ledge, you can rappel from the tree at the top of EC or from several other locations along the ledge. A 50 meter rope will get you to the top comfortably but a 60 will give you more margin on higher pitches.

The angle eases off as you approach the top and eventually you'll pull up to a tree and flat ledge (the east end of the Tree Ledge).As soon as it is complete you will see it here first.Until then, take a look at these R8 for sale and have a great weekend.Descent: presumably you didn't drive all the way here to climb Entrance Crack did you?Climb something else and walk off the west-side hiker trail.

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