Mandating child

” If possible, determine what happened, where, when and by whom. Do not ask leading questions and do not try to conclude information, even if you are sure you know the answers.

This can re-traumatize the child and contaminate the investigation.

With neglect, the most common form of maltreatment, the harm results from what the parent or caretaker fails to do to provide a child with needed care and protection.

Unless this information would be detrimental to the best interests of the child, you also will receive a summary about Ramsey County’s disposition of the report.

Do not wait for more evidence or information to make the report.

State laws vary as to who should receive a report of child sexual abuse; sometimes it is the child protection services or the Department of Family and Child services in your county, or it may be law enforcement.

State law requires persons in designated professional occupations to report suspected child abuse or neglect to police or child protection that they suspect has occurred in the past three years.

These include people who work with children in health care, social services, education, mental health, child care, law enforcement, the courts, clergy, and corrections settings.

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Do not attempt to investigate further or probe for details – do not look for physical signs.

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