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Content Barrier has options to block email altogether or filter inappropriate emails.

It allows you to apply its built-in content filters to email messages that are transferred through any email program, and gives you a range of options, from allowing all email through, filtering inappropriate emails, or block all email from coming through standard email programs.

Configured correctly, parental controls can be remarkably effective.

They give children the freedom to enjoy their favorite areas of the Internet while keeping them protected and safe from online threats and inappropriate material.

Comprehensive Social Network monitoring for all popular social media websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Linked In, Google , Bebo, You Tube and more.

Gain complete control over the Internet, including websites, Usenet, P2P networks, Chat rooms, Instant Messages, FTP, and email.

To avoid over-filtering, we allow the creation of a specific list of approved websites, so your kids can access them without accidentally running into a filter.

Additionally, you can configure Content Barrier to record keystrokes and take screenshots of active applications.

It's no wonder so many of today's savvy parents look to parental control software for peace of mind.Net Nanny also monitors any websites visited on your child’s mobile phone.Unlike many of its competitors, Net Nanny allows you to block online game sites.Apple already includes built-in parental controls for Mac OS X, but here at Intego, we also offer our own parental control software. How does Intego Content Barrier compare to Mac OS X's built-in parental controls?In truth, Content Barrier offers very similar features – and so much more. Is it better to use the parental controls built into Mac OS X or Content Barrier?

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