Leo woman dating scorpio woman

However, the Scorpio woman’s complexity can be a great benefit, because she knows how to balance the extremes of logic and reason, emotional and physical, masculine and feminine.Simply put, a Scorpio absorbs every emotion and experience to her core.Here’s the bottom line: if you stroke his ego and keep his secrets, he’ll be putty in your hands.As a Leo man, you crave intimacy and look for partners who enjoy experimenting and expressing themselves in the bedroom.Fortunately, this describes the Scorpio woman to a T.Your Scorpio partner is a confident, thoughtful, spontaneous lover who likes to please and be pleased.

She doesn’t take pleasure in playing games, because she’s looking for authenticity, and she’s going to expect the same from her mate.However, a satisfied and confident Leo will actually double down on his loyalty, choosing to pursue deep love and affection from one source over the attention of many.Like all fire signs, Leos can be intense and unpredictable, but Scorpios are intense too.Both Leos and Scorpios can be possessive and obsessive if they don’t feel valued, but can also be fiercely loyal with the right mate.They’ll tap into deep wells of emotion eventually, but Leo passes for superficial while Scorpio masquerades as a locked box and their relationship might take time to blossom. To paraphrase your fellow Scorpio, Katy Perry, you're gonna hear him roar.

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