Jason varitek dating heidi watney

Sometimes later she was seen interviewing Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.

After some time, there were grumblings that Varitek’s first marriage ended because of the situation.

Maybe she is inspired by her father who he used to move around quite frequently.

The 34 year old American sportscaster and journalist was ranked in the 10 most beautiful female sports journalists in 2005.

They also lived in Vietnam for two year and after returning from Vietnam her parents got divorced. From her high school days she was very active in extracurricular activities she used to participate in diving, gymnastics, hurdles and also she was a cheerleader.

The California native seems to sail from one coast to other on her missions and does her job quite well.In 2011, she worked as a sideline reporter for the upcoming regional sports network Time Warner Cable Sports Net.In September 2012 she joined MLB Network after she quit Time Warner.Famous for being both canny and beautiful, the gorgeous unmarried sportscaster has no serious boyfriends yet.However, rumors of her affairs have always been in the air. Many other famous Players, Reporters and TV Personalities have been linked to her very often.

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Her mother was a reporter and her father was in the US army.

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