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They consciously or unconsciously manipulate others with displays of openness and vulnerability.

We all have an innate tendency to mirror the level of intimacy presented by others, so when someone confides personal information, we feel social pressure to reciprocate.

This can put us in deep social water with people who might simply be enthusiastic swimmers but could also be sea monsters.

Experts who study predatory criminals advise wariness when anyone shares too much information too soon.

With all this talk of love, Kip soon realized that Theresa considered their relationship a romance, something he'd never intended.

"I know why Cecily's confused," he said sheepishly. I felt terrible for Boris but also secretly pleased that he'd felt safe enough to divulge such personal information. Weeks later those suspicions were confirmed when Cecily called me in tears. "After I introduced them, he called her and they talked for hours.Kip felt obligated to keep listening and offer comfort.As she confided more, he volunteered stories of his own romantic traumas to help her feel at ease.My opinions don't carry weight with the BIG FISH,but to redefine, Must Not Be Looking FOR INTIMATE Encounters should be done or at least worded so that people like Texasantcles and myself can respond to profiles that deny us access because of the wording it has.... And other steps have been added as in separated, divorced... And what is this, Must Not Be Looking For Intimate Encounters business? Hmmmm Santa, in Webster's New Composed Dictionary for school and office book it says: Intimate==== mated, mating, 1. But, I'm so old fashion I don't know the difference between Hanging out and Dating, Long Term and Short Term or any other term... Isn't that why we are on a dating site in the first place?

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