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*Action: You may only select rows from fixed tables/views.

The limit of 300 is per connection, it's not an upper limit for all connections together.

Left := Trunc((Left Indent First Indent)*Ruler Adj)-4 Gutter Wid; Right Ind. Client Width-6-Trunc((Right Indent Gutter Wid)*Ruler Adj); Bold Button.

Setup Ruler; var I: Integer; S: String; begin Set Length(S, 201); I := 1; while I id Yes then Exit; Rich Edit1.

sid = SID/* if you are on RAC environment you can give SID or * for this element which indicate that the setting will effect only the given SID or all nodes in RAC configuration.

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Help How To Use(Sender: TObject); begin Application.

Help Command(HELP_PARTIALKEY, Longint(Empty String)); end; procedure TMain Form.

However, you can avoid the error by applying patch 9315778 to the 11.2 binaries prior to the upgrade starting.isinstance_modifiable= true/false –this option is spesicif for RAC which has multiple instances for one database If you want to view value of the parameter briefly you can also use show parameter command which searches the entered string with wildcard on both ends NAME TYPE VALUE ———————————— ———– ——– buffer_pool_keep string buffer_pool_recycle string global_context_pool_size string java_pool_size big integer 0 large_pool_size big integer 0 olap_page_pool_size big integer 0 shared_pool_reserved_size big integer 7759462 shared_pool_size big integer 0 streams_pool_size big integer 0 elements of the command; scope =BOTH/SPFILE/MEMORY indicates the scope of the parameter setting.Example of Rich Text editor (Delphi2 demo): Private: FFile Name: String; FUpdating: Boolean; FDrag Ofs: Integer; FDragging: Boolean; implementation uses REAbout; const Ruler Adj = 4/3; Gutter Wid = 6; procedure TMain Form. Selection Change(Sender: TObject); begin with Rich Edit1. Left := Trunc(First Indent*Ruler Adj)-4 Gutter Wid; Left Ind. ', [FFile Name]), mt Confirmation, mb Yes No Cancel, 0); case Save Resp of id Yes: File Save(Self); id No: ; id Cancel: Abort; end; end; procedure TMain Form. Down := True; end; finally FUpdating := False; end; end; function TMain Form. Get Font Names; var DC: HDC; begin DC := Get DC(0); Enum Fonts(DC, nil, @Enum Fonts Proc, Pointer(Font Name. Modified then Exit; Save Resp := Message Dlg(Format('Save changes to %s?

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I’m still hopeful that someone can point out where I’ve gone wrong with this, but I think I’ve covered all bases…

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