Opel Astra A

1991-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Opel Astra A
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Ventilation and heating
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmissions
- 9. Half shafts
   9.1. Technical characteristics
   9.2. Removal and installation of half shafts
   9.3. Half shaft hinges
   9.4. Half shaft hinge boot
   9.5. Repair of a half shaft
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Electrical circuitries


9.4. Half shaft hinge boot


1. Remove a half shaft and the corresponding hinge.
2. Weaken the remained collar and remove a boot from a half shaft.


1. Clear a boot of old lubricant and fill it with new special lubricant.
2. Establish a new boot on a half shaft so that the smaller opening of a boot got to a flute on a half shaft.
3. Install the hinge with a new lock ring.
4. Install a boot on the hinge, then squeeze a boot to remove as much as possible air.
5. Fix a boot by means of new collars.
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