Opel Astra A

1991-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Opel Astra A
+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. SOHC engines
   + 3.2. DOHC engines
   - 3.3. Diesel engines
      3.3.1. Gear belt
      3.3.2. The 1,7 l diesel engine with a turbo-supercharging
      3.3.3. Tension of a gear belt
      3.3.4. The diesel TC4EE1 engine of 1,7 l with a turbo-supercharging
      3.3.5. Head of the block of cylinders
      3.3.6. The diesel TC4EE1 engine with a turbo-supercharging
      3.3.7. Check of a head of the block of cylinders and the block of cylinders on straightforwardness
      3.3.8. Camshaft
      3.3.9. Gas distribution phases
      3.3.10. Camshaft case cover oil separator
      3.3.11. Check and adjustment of gaps in the drive of valves
      3.3.12. Removal and installation of valves
      3.3.13. Replacement of oil scraper caps
      3.3.14. Grinding of valves
      3.3.15. Grinding in of valves
      3.3.16. Check of a gap in the directing plugs of valves
      3.3.17. Check of the directing plugs of valves
      3.3.18. Check of a compression
      3.3.19. Wedge-shaped belt
      3.3.20. Oil case
      3.3.21. Oil pump
      3.3.22. Safety valve
      3.3.23. Thermostat
      3.3.24. Check of kalilny candles
      3.3.25. Check of system of preliminary heating
      3.3.26. Removal of air from fuel system
      3.3.27. Check and adjustment of turns of idling
      3.3.28. Removal and installation of nozzles
      3.3.29. Check of an advancing of injection of fuel
      3.3.30. Heating of the fuel filter
      3.3.31. Replacement of the filtering element of the air filter
      3.3.32. Discharge of water from the fuel filter
      + 3.3.33. Useful tips
   + 3.4. Engine electric equipment
+ 4. Ventilation and heating
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Half shafts
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Electrical circuitries


3.3.21. Oil pump


1. Disconnect the socket from the oil pressure sensor.
2. Take off a gear belt.
3. Remove a camshaft pulley.
4. Remove by means of two screw-drivers the cogged pulley from a bent shaft. To take out a spline from a bent shaft.
5. Remove a back cover of a gear belt.
6. Remove an oil case.
7. To take out an oil filter.
8. Remove the oil pressure sensor from the oil pump.
9. Remove a maslozabornik of the oil pump.
10. Disconnect the oil pump from the block of cylinders and to remove it.
11. Uncover the oil pump and to measure a side side play of its gear wheels. It has to make 0,1–0,2 mm. The distance between a pump housing and gear wheels has to make 0,03–0,10 mm.


1. Clear docking surfaces.
2. Put on a bent shaft the KM-417 plug for protection of sealing edges of an epiploon against damages.
3. Cover new laying with dense lubricant and to put on a pump housing.
4. Install the pump and to tighten screws of its fastening the moment of 6 Nanometers.
5. Remove the protective plug.
6. Fix bolts of fastening of the sensor by the moment of 30 Nanometers.
7. Establish an oil case.
8. Fix a back cover of a gear belt.
9. Establish a spline on a bent shaft, to establish a belt pulley. Fix a pulley by a new bolt.
10. Put on and pull a gear belt.
11. Establish a forward cover of a gear belt.
12. Put on and pull a wedge-shaped belt.

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