Opel Astra A

1991-1998 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Opel Astra A
- 1. Maintenance instruction
   1.2. Keys
   1.3. Seats, head restraints, seat belts
   1.4. Mirrors
   1.5. Heating of glasses
   1.6. Lighting switches, indexes of turns
   1.7. Signal of an emergency stop
   1.8. Sound signal
   1.9. Screen wipers and windscreen washers
   1.10. Control bulbs
   1.11. Index of availability of fuel
   1.12. Index of temperature of a cooler
   1.13. Mechanical transmission
   1.14. Automatic transmission
   + 1.15. Devices
   + 1.16. Body elements
   1.17. Lighting
   + 1.18. Heating, ventilation
   1.19. Conditioner
   1.20. Automatic transmission
   1.21. Cooling of a ware box
   1.22. Air flow
   1.23. Servicing
   1.24. Identification these cars
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Ventilation and heating
+ 5. Power supply system
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Coupling
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Half shafts
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Suspension bracket and steering
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Electrical circuitries


1.17. Lighting


External light

To turn the lighting switch:

it is switched off
front position lamps
near and far light

At also tail light and illumination of registration plate are also turned on.

Asymmetric passing beam expands a prosmatrivayemost of the right edge of the road.

For the countries with left-hand traffic it is necessary to paste over black 15 ° - the sector on glasses of headlights.

Control of range of lighting


At the turned-on passing beam it is necessary to adjust range of lighting depending on loading of the car:

The regulator near the lighting switch:

Limousine, Caravan:
front seats = 0 are occupied
all seats are occupied = 1
all seats are occupied + to a zagr. багажн. = 2
the seat of the driver is occupied and
the luggage carrier is loaded = 3

all seats are occupied = About
all seats are occupied also a luggage carrier
it is loaded half = 2
seats are occupied + by half-N loading a bug. = 3

The correct adjustment will reduce dazzle of other participants of the movement.

Fog lights

the switch near the lighting switch, a green control lamp of inclusion.
to press = incl.
to press repeatedly = off.

Back fog fires

The switch near the lighting switch. A yellow control lamp of inclusion on the switch and a control lamp on the dashboard.

to press = incl.
to press repeatedly = off.

Backing light

Joins at a backing and inclusion of ignition.

Internal lighting

Joins when opening any of doors. Constant mode: to pull the lighting switch.

Lighting of the dashboard

Joins together with external lighting. Brightness is adjusted by the regulator.

Lighting of the information display

Lights up at inclusion of ignition. Brightness is adjusted by the regulator at the included lighting.

Illumination of a lighter and ashtrays

Lights up at the included ignition.

Illumination of a ware box

Lights up at the included ignition and opening of a cover.

Illumination of a luggage carrier / cargo compartment

It is included at an open back door / to an open trunk lid.

Lighting for reading – back

the switch back = is switched on
switch of environments. = it is switched off
switch vper. = lighting joins when opening one of back doors

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